The propeller steering wheel is a unique item, only the first fifty Spyker cars were made with this type from manufacture. After that Spyker stopped producing because of legislation reasons, they replaced the steering wheel fits to one from a Lotus and later on to a airbagged steering wheel from a Lamborghni. The propeller steering wheel is simple to exchange with the old steering wheel because its plug and play, all electronics are already in it! If you have an airbag steering wheel from the Lamborghini you also need a new indicator bracket. The time of replacing the steering wheel may take around 3 hours of work. With the Lotus steering wheel it will take around one hour. You can customise your steering wheel in the same leather of your car, for this we work together with the original upholsterer Ellermeyer from the Netherlands.



                             Spyker propeller steering wheel       



Home of the Spyker interior is the company Ellermeyer (1946) from Amsterdam. This manufacture has his own sawmill, metalwork and leather cladding. Together with an enthusiastic and skilled crew they work on the most diverse projects from building a Spyker interior to lining a office building in New-York. We are glad to work with this high-end company that uses the original OEM leather and fabrics from Spyker, and that has the knowledge of all the details on this special cars.