In februari 2017 Jasper bought this car together with pre production 1 from Spyker in Zeewolde. This car was totally disassembled and missing a lot of parts. The pre production 2 has never been sold but was only used as a testing car by Cosworth and an example for producing the next generation Spyker cars.

Also this car has some unique features that no other Spyker car was build with like a bare aluminium chassis, an exhaust without mufflers, aluminium faced gauges, Formule 1 fuel bags like the pre production 1, the rims left and right have a different direction of rotation, chrome suspension, no lower grill and this is the only car in the Porsche colour midnight blue.



In 2017 Jasper overhauled the engine and gearbox by himself, mileage on the pre production is at 1940km.




All silicone hoses are replaced for OEM new ones. Looking so much better!


In parallel a workshop was working on the body work and since the nose was damaged too much they decided to build a completely new nose like CPP would have done it ! Of course same thickness as standard. During the sanding we noticed that the front end was painted at least 2 or 3 times but no dents were found underneath the paint. The nose was sanded to bare metal so a new piece can be fabricated. The results are amazing and what a great colour! Also the chassis got cleaned and sanded.

The nose is almost to a point that it can be prepped for paint so the sills are the next step. One can clearly see that the chassisnumber #003 was used to do measurements for the real production units and was called at Spyker "pre production 2".


We found and purchased the exact insulation material since it was degrading and looking dirty. We are removing and renewing all the insulation.

The rear body, front and hood are completely done, stripped of paint and all the dents removed.


A former Spyker mechanic came to our workshop to do some maintenance work on the #003 engine so it is documented.

- timing belt
- thermostat
- waterpump
- all tensioners and roll's


Added the re-anodized anti roll bar and new bolts. Brake canister re-anodized and new canisters fitted from AP-racing.


Suspension and some other parts ready to have a chrome treatment, and look how pretty they became! Such a shame that Spyker stopped using chrome suspension.


Jasper started installing the rear suspension, he found out that a few ball joints are Spyker specific and have made the dust covers that go over the ball joints. Working towards getting the wheels back on, so the #003 can go to a company to reproduce the fuel tanks. The very early CPP’s have fuel cells (bags). In the same time he also started working to get the brand new gearbox in.


After a lot of years, she is finally on her feet again. A before and after picture


 The next step is new floor panels.
Since the brakes of the #003 were left lost and found in a place where they weren’t stored properly, a complete overhaul is needed. Started with disassembling the calipers and removing the pistons and all the bushings. Here is the start of the brake project. The brakes now really look like they came out of the ocean. All the bolt will be plated.
Diffuser completely polished and new insulation, and for the first time could check the mileage.
The rear body fits, with the right hardware.
December 2022; After being in storage for many years the engine is up and running again.