In august 2020 the #053 came to us for maintenance because the owner would like to drive his car. At the moment the milage is standing at 3000km whereof 2500km is driven by the Spyker factory.

SpykerEnthusiast was commissioned to do the following work; Big maintenance, installing a hardtop and a propellor steering wheel, chairs are not functioning, gearbox mechanism is not aligned, coolant leakage and some other small issues. While doing the maintenance, we cleaned the complete chassis and all the auxiliary parts so that everything reflects the low milage of this car. Door struts are replaced, after 5 years the old ones didn't functioning good anymore. And because this car has a lot of stone chippings at the front she will also get a new paint job!













In September 2022 this Spyker came back to our workshop to replace all four fuel pumps, which is a common issue with Spykers. When replacing fuel pumps you need to remove the suspension and the complete back rear of the car. Some parts were missing from the factory for instance the oil filler cap and the starter button was not complete. According to factory specification we have replaced all O-rings, washers, connectors, fasteners and the in-tank fuel filters.